A secret

If women must have an orgasm in order to get pregnant, there will be 5 people in this world. Does it sound like a joke? Unfortunately, it is not too far from truth.

Women have troubles to reach orgasm. If you are one of the luckiest ones and you can have orgasm during sex with your partner, congratulations! However, the truth is, every second women do not have orgasm during sex with their partner. The question is whose fault is that. We can blame men and women too. Men, for not making us experience that pleasure. And women, for not telling men, how to make them have that pleasure. If you are the one not able to have orgasm, it is your time now. Your time to speak up an tell your man, how you like it. Let them understand, what feels good and what does not. They really can´t know, if you don´t tell them. Fairs? If you fake an orgasm, you cheat on yourself and on your partner. And it is such a shame, you do not have that pleasure in your life, don´t you think?


But what if, you don´t know, what makes you reach an orgasm? Luckily, there is a solution. If you are shy enough to try out with your partner until he makes you come, you might as well try a professional´s way. Do you know, that best erotic massage prague can make you experience your body in whole? Professional therapists, who knows, how the body works and what the body likes, will help you on that matter. You might know, what touching yourself causes in you. And you might be able experiencing orgasm, when you play with your intimate parts yourself.


But don´t you think it is just about time, that you find out, how somebody else can make you feel that amazing feeling? If you try the erotic massage, we assure you, you will get to know your body much better. And the next time your partner will be touching you, not only there will be no misunderstanding. But you can guide their way to the right place, tempo, and strength. It is worth to at least give it a try.