You can work from anywhere

Today, it’s no longer needed to stay in an office or be somewhere physically, unless it’s the job requirement to do something in the real world. Many jobs are done online and even if you are sitting in your office, you are still doing all your work on a PC or you are talking to your colleagues or anything else.


So there has been plenty of articles that deal with the more or less visible disadvantages. We can actually see it in our kids – they become more and more asocial due to the internet making its way and changing how we interact with the surroundings and other people. It’s not going to be the world’s end, but you need to count on the fact that today\’s young people behave and contact each other very differently, which might be a little bit confusing for the older generations.


However, people still like to have fun and talk to each other and it is never going to be a scary scenario from some edgy short clip on Youtube or a catastrophic movie, reality is never that black or white. But this internet allows us to do a lot of stuff online. From anywhere, basically. Even today you can buy your own small router to bring the internet connection with you, so you can really work from anywhere. Now that means you can actually work from a completely different country and your employer wouldn’t really see any difference. And that means, you can actually buy yourself a very nice property for sale in Spain and you can work from there. Why? Well…why not? Who wouldn’t want to finish a shift or a set of tasks and then just grab a towel and swimsuit and run down to the beach? I believe that is the dream of everyone who is not already living like that.

Of course, even those that work manually can do something like this – you can rent out the apartment when you are not there, work hard during your season and then go to your Spanish house for winter or any set of months or days. You can live from your earned wage and the rent and you are super chill. Just try it out and contact us at Centrum Marbella.